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Ausonia offers reliable backup power solutions and cogeneration systems to ensure continuous and emergency standby power for the Transportation Industry (Airports, Railways, Seaports, etc.).

The company’s long lasting experience in the generating sets business and the high quality of its products have allowed the company to execute several installations of generators at the main airports, as well as at the main seaports and intermodal logistic terminals, where a reliable backup is essential.

The diesel systems provide standby power 24/7 while our gas fueled combined heat and power (CHP) systems deliver continuous power along with a reliable source of heat or cooling, all from one trusted source.

All Ausonia power solutions have been designed to provide efficiency, cost savings and environmental benefits, along with the assurance of always having a reliable power and heat if local grids fail or are unreliable.

For Railways sector, the solutions installed by Ausonia have been developed to meet the particular requirements of the Client regarding overall dimensions and weight, as well as different output voltages typically requested in this market.