Our energy, your power.
Always on.

Mobile generators deliver dependable power wherever you need it.
Ausonia developed its Mobile Power Solutions by offering a wide range of autonomous “on-wheels” power sources, able to satisfy in the fastest and most reliable way several needs, both in terms of power size and configuration.
Thanks to its huge experience in several sectors having the most strict requirements, to a daily focus from its R&D team on new technologies, to a very skilled in-house Engineering Department and a huge availability of customized design and manufacturing, Ausonia is able to perfectly mix features and benefits of the mobile station needed for applications such as Military & Defense, Telecommunications, Transport, Rental business, Healthcare and Disaster & Recovery.
Being used in a wide scenario of applications, from industrial power to public events, built for both prime and standby use, these units are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and run for long hours.
Ausonia customizes the power units around the special request of its Customers, offering reliable and hardworking mobile generators to fit every kind of need, starting with a single fully tailored unit up to an entire fleet completely remotely managed.