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Worldwide O&M structure

Based on its best technology products, Ausonia is also able to follow Client’s implementation strategies on a worldwide scale, providing a complete package of operational and maintenance services.

In order to focus on service strategies and achieve highest quality standards, in 2003 Ausonia created its ESCO company, named MediPower, which represents the perfect O&M partner to identify and implement the most efficient and cost effective energy solutions for offQgrid BTS power supply.

Thanks  to  the  dynamic  and  flexible  nature  of  its  young  and  innovative  organization  and  the  strong  partnership with Ausonia, MediPower become in a short time the undisputed leader for the Italian offQgrid  BTS energy supply and started duplicating such successful business model also in foreign countries.

Depending  on  its  international  marketing  strategies,  existing  references  and  local  opportunities,  MediPower  presence  is  governed  by  the  Dutch  Holding  Company    “MediPower* Global”    and  currently  operates through the following regional hubs:  

  • Europe  
  • Midle East  
  • South Africa  
  • Southern East Asia  

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