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Network Operations Centre (NOC)

All  services  activities  and  power  generators  performances  are  constantly  organized  and  monitored  by  a  Network Operations Centre active 24/7, equipped with dedicated management tools, specifically designed  for the BTS power supply service.

Operations planner

Automatic weekly scheduling of all operational activities, asset management and spare part reQprovisioning.

Alarm management system

Online  overall  fleet  status  monitoring  and  alarm  conditions  followQup  (detection,  identification,  solving).   Allows  geographical navigation.''

Remote monitoring

Point  to  point  connectivity  and  M2M  constant  web  connection  from  server  to  the  power  systems  for  remote control of functional parameters, remote settings and commands.


Automatic  reports  and  statistic  analysis  of  main  operational  and  performance  drivers.  Service  level  evaluation and impact analysis of corrective actions.

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