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High Efficiency

The AUSONIA family of HIGH EFFICIENCY PRODUCTS has been developed with the aim to achieve two essential targets: reduce the Fuel consumption and the number of trips to site for maintenance and refueling, as these are the two variable costs mostly affecting the level of the OPEX.

Focusing on these targets, the whole family has been developed around a common and unique core represented by its variable speed DC generator, which is capable of guaranteeing high efficiency levels right at the point of energy production and not at the energy supply.

On the basis of this common criteria, each Product has been differently developed and designed for meeting different exigencies coming from the worldwide demand of Mobile Operators:

  • HIM: designed for allowing the longest maintenance intervals, the possibility to integrate the system with Renewable and Grid and for achieving high efficiency even in case of low load on site.
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  • HER: designed for being efficient within a limited budget (low CAPEX) and with a total freedom from batteries.
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  • THEM: designed for guaranteeing the highest reliability/redundancy in the market, a total freedom from batteries, longer maintenance intervals and the possible deployment in site even on high load sites (co-siting, multi-tenants).
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On top of this, all the Products of the AUSONIA High Efficiency Family have been designed to give Clients the opportunity to efficiently manage their fleet over the network and they have been characterized by:

  • On site scalability/Hot Swap ⇒ Upgrade/downgrade of inverters, converters, batteries
  • Interchangeability of components ⇒ Reduction of hardware stored in the warehouse
  • Same spare parts for all the Products ⇒ Inventory management better efficiency
  • Same O&M procedures for main components ⇒ Common training to service staff
  • Modular design and stackable configuration ⇒ Logistic handling and shipment optimization

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