Ausonia - our energy your power

Business model options

MediPower service structure approaches the Telecom market offering a flexible range of business model solutions, to be tailored on specific Client’s needs.

Energy supply model (Full OPEX)

The service is based on a daily fee, plus an energy production rate. It  includes:  provision  and  rental  of  suitable  product  solutions,  transport  and  installation  activities,  fuel  supply  and  refueling,  remote  monitoring  and  network  management  services,  preventive  and  corrective  maintenance activities, spare parts and consumables.

Full service model

In  case  the  Client  purchases  Ausonia  high  efficiency  products,  MediPower  O&M  structure  is  available  to  provide the full service of all operational activities, based on a daily fee plus an energy production rate.  The service includes: transport and installation activities, fuel supply and refueling, remote monitoring and  network  management  services,  preventive  and  corrective  maintenance  activities,  spare  parts  and  consumables. 

Buy back options

Within the full service contract, MediPower O&M structure is available into offering buyQback options over the units purchased by Client from Ausonia. The buyQback action will be executed by a company within the  MediPower Group and the buyQback price will be calculated according to the product age and utilization. BuyQback  options  can  be  also  defined  and  agreed  on  a  worldwide  scale  at  Corporate  level  with  main  Telecom Operators. 

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